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I pledge to strive toward sharing kindness in all aspects of my life:

  • To practice kindness and mercy in every interaction, even with those with whom I disagree;

  • To watch my words, replacing words that hurt or tear down with kind words that encourage and build up;

  • To engage in intentional acts of kindness each day;

  • To act with humility, surrendering my own will to serve the needs of others, acknowledging that I may not always be right and should listen more and speak less.

Ready to make a difference? Join the BE KIND campaign in making a commitment to kindness where you are and beyond. Share your contact info and we'll keep you updated on the BE KIND campaign, with inspiration on how you can expand kindness in your community!




As a partner, you commit to:

  • Sharing BE KIND swag (bracelets, stickers, etc.) and yard signs at your place of business or organization.

  • Encouraging staff or customers to attend BE KIND events.

  • Standing with other community leaders at the BE KIND launch for 2024.

  • Consider hosting a BE KIND event at your location.

You receive:

  • 2 yard signs for display

  • 100 stickers and 100 bracelets

  • A BE KIND packet

100% of funding for the BE KIND campaign is used for spreading the word via marketing (yard signs, billboards, advertising, etc.) and purchase of free giveaway items (swag). 

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